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foodie #19: Drexel's Culinary Institute

Wednesday, April 23rd was the Birchrun Hills Farm Benefit Dinner at Drexel

We had a very special opportunity to enjoy a unique dinner at the Culinary Arts and Hospitality program  dining room at Drexel University.

After speaking with Mike Traud , chef and professor at Drexel's Culinary Arts program, we discussed a foodie gathering as an opportunity to gather some support for Sue Miller of  Birchrun Hills Farm.  The incredible meal sold out and raised over $600 towards her goal of building a cheese cave on the farm.
Chef Nick Macri of Border Springs  , friend of Sue's and Drexel Alum created the menu using Border Springs Lamb,  Birchrun Hills Farm Veal and Cheese to make the meal with students at the program.  Everything was spectacular.

Chef Nick Macri with students in the Kitchen preparing for the meal while the rest of us are out at the bar area drinking Flying Fish beers. (click any image to view larger)

Mary Grace of Flying Fish Brewery and Drexel Alum donated beer and time to introduce each table to the beers paired with each course.  They were deliciously paired and they sure made the group happy, chatty and fun.
(from back left) Jonathan Deutsch, Me, Mindy, Mary Grace, Lisa & Lala (photo by Lisa - the nicest person ever) 

First Course - Birchrun Blue and Mushroom Soup - this was so delicious I was part way through eating it before remembering to photograph it! Love love LOVED it.

Second Course - Veal Tartare,  romaine, and equinox cheese - I have to admit, I didn't expect to enjoy this so much.  Raw food is a mental obstical for me and yet I wolfed this down.  The flavors and freshness of this tasted like spring time. Bravo, Nick, bravo!

Third Course - Roasted lamb ribs, red cat grits, mixed radishes - this was an easy like.  Im a fan of lamb and these ribs were luxurious.  Im already a fan of Border Springs at Reading Terminal Market.  It's my go-to place for lamb.

Fourth Course - Fat cat panna cotta w macerated fruit and hazelnuts -OK this was absolutely wonderful as an ending to a great meal.  The panna cotta was so incredible, and fat cat is one of my favorite Birchrun Hills Farm cheeses.
this was paired with Flying Fish's Belgian Abbey Dubbel so good !  
After the meal the group of sous chefs came out to meet their happy new fans.  The dinner servers were also run by the institutes other classes on hospitality. Everything Drexel and everything delicious.  Their functional dining room has an ongoing series of events and you can also get on their mailing list for that.

The link below is where Drexel's Culinary Program posts all of their upcoming events including dinners.  

Thank you Jonathan, Mike, Mary, Nick and Drexel!

Nick Macri, Sue Miller, Jonathan Deutsch *photo by lisa

Also, If you're interested in attending and or being on the foodie group email list for invites, contact: