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Food-ie #14 at Percy Street BBQ

Percy Street BBQ  was the 14th location for the food-ie group and I'm pretty sure each of the 34(!) of us over-ate.  My mom echoed an admission of the same guilt and said "gluttony is the only sin you pay right away".  I agree.

The entire staff at Percy St BBQ was incredibly attentive, welcoming and friendly.  Percy St. made it clear immediately that they're the place for large groups.  Before the meal the chef, Erin O'Shea, came out to welcome us and introduce the authentic southern cuisine she obviously puts a lot of love into.  We started off with some tasty appetizers: the Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread, Avocado Salad, & the Devil Eggs which we devoured with the last gulps of our happy hour (5-7pm) drinks.   Honestly, after that I have no clear account of how things wen since we were getting the full Lockhart dinner treatment.  The blitzkrieg-like storm of delicious food seemed never ending.  The dishes of sides were passed around, each new flavor to fit onto our plates.  Dishes were replaced, trays carried out with paper-wrapped goodness that would be all the meat dishes.  The ribs, pork belly, sausage, roast chicken and brisket were each passed around and I watch my platter fill with goodness.  I almost completely forgot to photograph any food due to the feeding frenzy I slipped into.  In my opinion, all the food was really good.  It was all far too good to fill up on the white bread provided to each table, despite knowing it's Texas authentic. 

Though I left there loosening my belt and groaning, I was already planning my return for some choice dishes that had me in this state more than anything.  The avocado salad (because it seemed kind of healthy),   the mac and cheese (because it was way too good to be healthy!), the brisket (it's their most hyped dish that still exceeds said hype - being so damn juicy, tender and flavorful) , the pork belly (crazy good) and the pecan pie (for it's perfect balance of sweet and salty, chewy goodness).  Just re-reading this paragraph, I'm feeling full again and yet still wondering if I could fit in the root beer chili, which to me was also perfect with hot and spicy balanced with just the right hint of root beer.  See? it's easy to get carried away at Percy St BBQ.

 Here's the offered menu:
For the 14th foodie event, we've been invited to experience authentic Texas BBQ via The Lockhart Dinner!  Here's what we had: 

($24 per person, plus tax and a 20% gratuity= $31 flat fee)
* drinks will be individual tabs

The special menu, just for us: 
- all the meats, all the sides, pick your dessert"
+ extra foodie sides. 
In Steven Cooks words "Since your group has been so good to us, we would do some extra "Foodie only" stuff as well."

brisket (Moist, Lean or Both)
spare ribs
house-made sausage
chicken (Whole)
pork belly

vegan chili
rootbeer chili
macaroni & cheese
Pinto Beans
German Potato Salad
Collard Greens
black-eyed pea salad
Green Bean casserole

The "extras" not normally included with the Lockhart are these appetisers:
the Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread, Avocado Salad, & the Devil Eggs

DESSERT (choose 1)
Root beer Float
chocolate cake with peanuts and coconut
Pecan Pie
apple crisp
banana pudding

foodie group photo (click to enlarge)

If you're interested in joining the foodie group mailing list for this or future events, email me!
email: foodie.mike@gmail.com to join us!