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How does one become a food-ie group member?
Anyone can be a member.  The more the merrier.  Our group is inclusive, diverse and fun.
  • contact mike and ask to be added to the email list: email foodie.mike@gmail.com
  • respond to evites for the events (roughly one per season).
  • show up, eat, pay your bill (usually cash) for any that you sign on for.
  • contact mike immediately if,  for some reason, you cannot make an event you signed on for.
  • optional: contribute to mikes wine glass or pint glass for any locations that are byob !
  • encouraged: suggest any locations you think would be appropriate for our future eats, especially if you know a chef or owner!  I can always use some help.  I don't get paid for this and it takes a considerable amount of time. 

* please note:
  • I'm not interested in becoming your spam monster.  If you would like to be taken off the email/evite mailing list, just say.  I won't be hurt,  I swear. 
  • Members that fail to show up for an event and neglect to ever contact me about it will likely be removed from the email list. (permanently or until sufficient bribes are delivered).
  • If you'd like to invite friends to any event, feel free to bring them, just account for them on your evite response in head count. 
  • If you have a friend that would like to be on the mailing list, just email me their address, or have them email me. 
  • If you have any questions, email me.