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foodie #17: The Pickled Heron (BYOB)

Our largest foodie grouping, to date, was such a fun and delicious event with a wonderful 4 course French meal for just $45 at The Pickled Heron, in Fishtown.

Daniela D'Ambrosio and Todd Braley, the two chef owners, of Fishtown's first BYOB French bistro hustled to feed the 39 of us some great dishes with precision timing.  Their efficient staff was warm and friendly and made the evening go so easy and fun..

the kitchen in action

Our three large tables gave people the ability to sit with both familiar and new faces and so it was not a quiet evening at all.  Of course if you ever find yourself in a group of 39 people drinking and eating in a single room and it's quiet, well, that's a sure sign you're not in a good restaurant.

my beloved Beef Bourguignon
We started off with the 1st course of soups.  The duck white bean soup was clear and unexpectedly healthy tasting while the roasted squash soup was creamy and rich.  I love starting off with soup.  The dishes continued to build up/ramp up as the meal progressed.  I pretty much instantly fell in love with the 2nd course.  The  warm goat cheese terrine and roasted beets was super delicious.  As the 3rd course came out, my senses were alerted to the climax of the meal, for me.  As a happy meatetarian, I  savored every bit of the Beef Bourguignon.  Nicole, sitting next to me, clearly read my mind when she confessed she was going to lick the plate clean.   I can't tell you, in words, how much I loved this dish, seriously.  You'd roll your eyes and write me off as the predictable meat-head that I am, and rightly so.  The beef was tender, juicy and the sauce made everything caramelized-deliciousness.   Oh, yeah.. I tried the monk fish entree and it was very good.... though it's unfair to try anything after the Beef Bourguignon.

What I liked most about the dessert, besides it being delicious, is it's unexpected combination.  Admittedly, I'm not a French Dessert connoisseur.  The Oeufs a la Neige was a new experience for me and I loved it.  The meringue floating on Creme anglaise (a pool of delicious rum custard) with chocolate shavings was an interesting expansion to my food memory.  This of course resulted in yet another completely clean plate for me and those at my table.  I am so glad the foodie group has continued and able to come together in a community supporting event.
The Oeufs a la Neige

 Our menu:

Housemade Bread and Butter
1st Course
Duck and White Bean soup
Smoked Duck, Kale
Roasted Squash Soup
Creme Fraiche, Piment D'Esplette

2nd Course
Goat Cheese Terrine
Roasted Beets, Winter Greens, Walnuts

3rd Course
Beef Bourguignon
Local Mushrooms, Carrots, Parsnips
Pan Seared Monkfish
Butternut Squash Dauphine, Pressed Apple, Sage

Oeufs a la Neige
Rum Anglaise, Shaved Chocolate

the aftermath of a good meal

Our traditional group photo at The Pickled Heron, 11/11/12
(click photo to enlarge)
 Somehow 4 people managed to avoid being in this photo! Grrrrr, Bad foodies, bad!

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