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food-ie #21 : Helm, spring feast

 The next foodie event is coming! Tuesday, MAY 12th 7:30
Helm is the exciting new farm-to-table, byob open near fishtown at 5th & Thompson.

"helm is a contemporary American BYOB highlighting seasonal ingredients from local urban farms. An ever-changing blackboard menu ensures the farmers’ freshest bounty. In their first venture together, chefs Kevin D’Egidio and Michael Griffiths are drawing from their fine dining background with this casual, upbeat and exciting restaurant."

We are in store for a fun night:

click to enlarge image
Helm will provide us the entire restaurant, with a seating limit of 33, so sign up early to ensure a spot for this dinner. We will pay just $50 and that includes the following:

in their words:

"We would do $50 per person including tax and gratuity, this would include starters, entrees and dessert served in a family style manner consisting of items from that day's menu. We will find out allergies and dislikes from each table and just send dishes out. Different tables may receive different items, but everyone will leave happy and with a full belly."

Also, St Benjamin Brewing, which just opened up a few blocks away, has generously offered to share some of their beer for tasting and possibly pairing with the meal. Ive had the pleasure of trying several of their beers and ever damn one is wonderful, in my opinion. This will be a wonderful bonus and included in the event.

All inclusive, this event will cost $50 in CASH please. It's also still a BYOB so feel free to bring wine and beer to share, (with me especially).

Also, If you're interested in attending and/or being on the foodie group email list for invites, contact: