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what's the food-ie group?

welcome to the food-ie group blog.
If you're wondering what the group is and how it works, read on.

I began organizing the group as a result of many conversations with like-minded friends that are equally food focused. Anything worth doing, we agreed, had food involved. Experiencing food at new locations really is my sport of choice.

In the fall of 2006, the food-ie group was born. A small group of friends grew instantly into an extended network of food-ies. The inaugural food-ie event was set at my all-time favorite Indian Restaurant in Bristol, PA : Cafe Bombay. This first food-ie meeting was a huge success since we were treated to extraordinary dishes and had the entire restaurant to ourselves for an incredible price.

Initially the group shared a more democratic process of deciding on future locations, but that in and of itself became too complicated as our email list approached 60+. Now, I ask for suggestions and advice and simply approach restaurants as they cross my path.

When an event location and date is determined, an evite invitation is sent to the entire food-ie group mailing list, which recently exceded 90 emails. This includes the menu, price and information about the location itself.

The goal is to create an opportunity for a group of enthusiastic foodies to meet an enthusiastic eatery to enjoy extraordinary meals.