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food-ie event #4: Tierra Colombiana

Tierra Colombiana
4535-37 North 5th St
11/28/06 @7:30
Cuban/Colombian food !!!

Well, the food was good and the word is the veggie platters were very good too.
I wish we could have individually ordered from the menu, which looked really diverse, but I was told a group our size had to do this "family style". Not knowing what we were going to get - the online menu descriptions were less than detailed- I had no idea that the chicken dish we were to have was going to be so ... mild. It was flavorful, but not exactly exciting. I'm sure some will like that about it though.

What we had was actually good but the service was a bit impersonal. It occurs to me this is the first location we didn't have someone we knew, a connection, that facilitated a special event.

Unfortunately the time of year also might have affected our turn-out.
While 26 had committed, only 19 actually attended. Four people did have the courtesy to at least call about that.
I think the meal would've been much more fun if our numbers were higher. I'm pretty sure the group itself is one of the best parst of these events and the reason we had so much fun at the other locations.

Hopefully, things will work better in the future and perhaps Tuesdays avoided.
I'm taking the month off. There's no logic in organizing around the holidays that occur at the end of Dec.

Bocaditos (Appetizer) : Maduros (Fried sweet plantain slices)
Ensaladas (Salad) : Ensaladas Mixta (Garden Salad)
Carne (Meats) : Arroz con Pollo Colombiano (Chicken and Rice Colombian Style)
(for vegetarians:Plato Vegetariano= Rice(choice), Beans(choice), Com Patty, Tossed Salad, Cassava and your choice of Sweet Plantains, Green Plantains or Avocado )

Arroz (Rice) : Arroz Blanco ( White Rice)
Frijoles (Beans) : Frijoles Negros (Black Beans)
Postres (Desserts) : Flane de Leche (Flan) & Las Tres Leche ( Three Milk Cake) = (a plate with both for each person)

group photo @ Tierra Colombiana