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food-ie event #7: XOCHITL

XOCHITL (so-cheet) - 6/27/07

408 S. Second St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

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WOW. That's the word for our experience at Xochitl. The atmosphere was really nice. Our group of 19 fit perfectly in the comfortable lounge-like dining room down stairs. The problem I had was trying to figure what to order. Fortunately, we were a sharing group and most of us were able to experience one great flavor after another. You'll see that our flickr photos are a bit more scarce this time....due to the fact that those with cameras were too consumed with consuming. Honestly, I found the entire experience to be flawless. In my opinion, everything I tasted was even more exciting than how it read on the menu, which is quite an accomplishment. The vegetarian entree (stuffed cactus) was perhaps the most interesting thing I sampled and hope to get the opportunity to order that in future visits to the restaurant (hint,hint), but I suspect that that dish was put together especially for us, though I was told cactus is always on the menu.

A BIG THANKS to Steven Cook, owner of Xochitl & Marigold, who has proven to be one of the most eager to host food-ies. He clearly appreciates his patrons and came in to see how our meal was and more importantly, he was among the easiest to organize events with. The staff service was excellent and Im not just spreading all this love because they make a damn strong drink there, no sir, it's because I can be influenced by a good food buzz.


1st Course (choose one)
Ceviche de Dorado y Coco
(Mahi-Mahi ceviche with coconut)

Empanadas de Pollo con Mole
(Chicken empanadas with mole)

*( veggie offer) Sopes de Queso de Cabra
Fresh masa tortillas with goat cheese and black beans

2nd Course (choose one)
Jicama Callejera
(Jicama in the style of the Street, with pepino
melon, pineapple, lime and chile piquin)

Salpicon de Res
(Shredded beef salad with tomato,
onion, cilantro, jalapeno and lime)

Entree (choose one)
Bistec Tabasqueno
(Skirt steak with plantains, guacamole and beans)

Pechuga Rellena de Queso y Flor de Calabaza
(Chicken breast stuffed with ricotta cheese and
zucchini flowers with roasted poblano sauce)

Salmon en Salsa de Aguacate
(Roasted salmon with avocado sauce)

*(vegetarian entree) Nopales Rellenos
Roasted cactus stuffed with mushrooms served with pumpkin seed mole

Dessert (choose one)
Burritos de Platano con Chocolate
(Banana burritos with chocolate sauce)

Bunuelos Napoleon
(Fritters layered with fresh cream and berries)

Group photo at Xochitl after a great meal, 7/27/07