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food-ie event #3: Divan Turkish Kitchen

Divan Turkish Kitchen

Carpenter and 22nd st 215-545-5790

Ilker at Divan Turkish Restaurant treated us like family, running to get more and more chairs and tables for us as our group grew a bit beyond what we expected. Like family, everyone was made to feel welcome.
The food was quick, generous and extremely good. The free wine was great and service super. I had such a great time. The closeness, a result of our larger than anticipated numbers, made it even more fun. We had a lot of laughs and great food... oh yeah, and free turkish wine!

The menu:
ILKAR, the owner is a friend of Andres and after speaking with him I learned that Andres has explained the short history of the food-ie group to him. He enthusiastically spoke of the experience he will offer us and even apologised ahead of time for making such a meal that we will perhaps only want to meet there for now on. I told him he had some pretty high competition to out-do considering our fortunate experiences so far. He sounded pretty fun which I thought was a good sign. I really have to say his attitude and eagerness to make this another foodie success (and his menu) had got me salivating already which I think may be a problem for my keyboard....

Ilkar made us a deal:
For our group, however big it may be, he offered a choice of traditional tomato or fennel soup, appetizer platters for the tables to sample the extensive menu and to let us order our main course individually and portions will be all-you-can-eat plus he gave us wine for free. (for what? FOR FREE!) The price was set at $43 (including tax/tip)

group photo with Ilkar