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the 1st food-ie event: Cafe Bombay

Cafe Bombay 8/30/06
233 Mill St.
Bristol, PA 19007

This initial event was great fun. We had 32 people attend and Gigi prepared for us an amazing assortment of fresh flavorful dishes that were less predictable than your average Indian Restaurant offers. The fact that the food was so great combined with having the restaurant all to ourselves created a really fun atmosphere. I hope that food-ie members return as often as possible because there just never seems to be enough appreciation for Bombay in Bristol.

(from their website):
"We at Cafe Bombay are dedicated to providing excellent authentic Indian cuisine. Since Indian cuisine varies from region to region, we have tried to include a sampling of dishes from the entire country reflecting the varied taste of different regions. The recipes of entrees included are time tested with correct combination of herbs and spices.

We believe homemade food is always better. To serve the most authentic food, we make our own yogurt and cheese everyday. Our food is cooked with minimum of oil and no MSG. We do not use any preservatives. Everything is cooked fresh from scratch in our kitchen. While practicing authentic Indian cuisine, we also use our own imagination and creativity to introduce new and innovative dishes."

our menu:
I've taken the initiative to order the basic stuff since Gigi is the owner/chef and has a small staff that would better serve a group our size this way. Dinner will be served as a buffet, freshly prepared for us as we get there, no heat lamps. So it's more like he's catering our party.

  • hand made breads: basket (assortment)=Naan, Roti, Kulcha, Puri
  • Bombay Naan :Naan stuffed with Indian cottage cheese, almonds, raisins, fresh ginger and coconut.
  • Kadai (3 separate orders: Lamb, Vegetable & Shrimp) Kadai cooking is native to Sind which was formerly a part of Bombay. Pieces of meats or vegetable are quickly cooked in a Kadai (wok) with a small amount of spiced oil, onion, tomatoes, garlic, and other subtle flavors
THIS IS MY FAVORITE DISH - Ive not found anything close to this in any indian restaurant EVER. Gigi says that other indian chefs travel to Bristol just to get some. His menu intimidates newcomers sometimes because he bills it as very strong spicey flavor but in truth it's not extreme at all , except in fullness of flavor. If you like really mellow stuff, you may not like this as much as the Chicken Xacutti (below)
  • Vegetable Navarathan Korma (Light Flavor)
    Varieties of fresh vegetable, cheese, herbs and nuts done in a creamy sauce

  • Chicken Xacutti (Strong Flavor but not hot) Pronounced "shakutte" Chicken Curry from the West coast of India Made with roasted ground coconut and a blend of rich spices
  • Indian Spicy Salad :(vegetarian)chick peas, cucumber, onions and lots of flavorful herbs and spices. (medium spicy)
  • Desserts: Mango Kulfi, Pistachio Kulfi, Gulab Juman
group photo with Gigi @ Bombay